Retirement Planning 

Retirement planning is important to ensure that you have a comfortable, secure and “fun” retirement. Planning for retirement starts when you begin thinking about your retirement goals and the time frame you have to meet them. Then you need to look at all the types of retirement accounts that will help you raise the money you will need for the future. Retirement planning should include deciding on time horizons, estimating how much income you will need to be comfortable, calculating the after-tax returns, establishing your risk tolerance when it comes to investments and also doing estate planning.

It’s important to start planning for retirement early so you can take advantage of long-term investing. Even if you can only save a little at the beginning, the longevity of the savings is the key. A younger investor can take on more risk because he has a longer runway, while investors closer to retirement should invest more conservatively in general. It’s also important to understand the ramifications of taxes and how this will affect your retirement savings down the road.

Retirement plans will evolve as time passes, and portfolios and investments should be reevaluated and estate plans should be updated as your life changes. R Insurance Group can help you assess your retirement needs and help you understand the rewards of investing in your future. Contact an United Allstar Advisors LLC agent today to discuss your personal retirement goals and strategies. It’s never too early or too late to start planning for the future.


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