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There’s a lot to consider when choosing a Medicare plan. Let us help you compare your coverage options and explore all your choices so you can choose a plan that is right for you.

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"I have never really understood Medicare or how it works.. Roland is THE MAN when it comes to all things Medicare! He explained it on a level I could understand and he is so knowledgeable about these plans. If you or a family member is approaching the age where it's time for Medicare, ignore all the mailers and solicitations you might get in the mail and CALL ROLAND. Personal service, he will come and see you and answer all your questions. Highly recommend!"

Courtney Weidner

"I'm convinced that there is nobody better to talk to about insurance than Roland. "Patient" is an understatement but he is that and much more. He's "on top of his game" and knows how to walk you through what's available and what's required in the insurance world. He does not push anything you don't want or need. Did anybody mention that he's "patient".. He'll take all the time in the world to help you through the processes of getting insured. Very happy to get to know him!"

Ken Arnold

Roland was extremely helpful and patient. Keeping all appointments and never rushing. Took all the time I needed to explain in detail my insurance needs. 4 star service!!! Customer service 10 plus!

Sandra Knotts

Roland was so helpful in getting me signed up for my Medicare supplement and put everything into language I could understand. I have recommended him to friends.

Lynnett Coffman Brault

Roland is a very caring person,he will go out of his way to make you understand all the pros and cons, very competent and smart, highly recommended.

Anita Kwakernaat

Roland, took the time to explain “Everything” to me , and trust me I asked a lot of questions . Some of my questions he had to repeat over and over . He was referred to me by a friend of 21yrs. I’m very happy with him and his team . When my husband is ready to retire he will join as well.... Thank you Roland for all your hard work ... But most of all your patients.... I will have no problem referring you to my friends ...

Joan Leslie Lipari

Top notch ownership, you can trust them with your insurance needs for sure! Call Roland... you will be happy you did!!

Graham Lorenz

Roland has had more patience with us as we try to get everything in order. He's knowledgeable and professional. Follows through and checks in. My mother even loves him! He's honest and ethical. He advised my Mother to keep the policy she had because it was good for her needs... Not many salespeople would do that!!!

Brittany Smith Castellon

Roland is very knowledgeable and professional! Medicare insurance can be confusing, but Roland is extremely patient and will walk you through the policies, explaining each and every coverage in a way that is easy to understand.

Stacy Leissner

Roland is just great to deal with. There are no dumb questions and he can direct you wisely. It's so frustrating being insurance challenged but I can count on him to educate me and ask the right questions for MY situation. Highly recommend!!

Laura Lash Fitzgerald

Truly looking to help people by education. Educating people to make a good decision on their healthcare and insurance needs.

Shaun Curry


Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older. You can read the countless brochures, pamphlets and websites available, or you can read the information on this website to get a simple and easy understanding of Medicare.

Life Insurance

The process of buying life insurance can be complicated and confusing. We can help you understand all the factors that go into choosing the right life insurance plan and make sure you get exactly what you need for yourself and your family.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance is different from traditional health insurance in several ways. Long-term care insurance was created to cover long term services and supports. This usually includes personal and custodial care either at home or in an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

What we do

We are here to help you navigate all the options available to you for your health insurance, Medicare, retirement plan and more. We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and preferences and help you select the budget-friendly plan that are just right for you and your family.

Health Insurance

There are many reasons why you might need to purchase independent health insurance at different times in your life. If your employer doesn’t offer you health insurance...

Life Insurance

The loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult things anyone will ever go through. Being exasperated by financial pressure at such a difficult time can be even more devastating... 


Medicare Supplements

Many people are unsure about what Medicare Supplement Insurance is or whether they need it or not. Medicare Supplement Insurance, known as a Medigap policy...

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is important to ensure that you have a comfortable, secure and “fun” retirement. Planning for retirement starts when you begin thinking...

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are similar to traditional health insurance and they work with Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage is...

Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance is different from traditional health insurance in several ways. It was created to cover long-term services and supports...

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Let us help you explore your options when it comes to health insurance, Medicare and retirement plans. We are committed to finding the right solutions for you.


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We have been helping our clients choose the best health insurance, Medicare, and retirement plans for their needs for over 13 years. We are dedicated to helping our customers find solutions that work for them and their family. We listen carefully to specific situations and needs and guide our clients toward the best options that will be the perfect fit for them.


Talk to an United Allstar Advisors LLC agent today and let us take all the worry and stress out of choosing insurance and retirement solutions that work for you.  We have years of experience helping people choose the best health insurance Medicare and retirement plans for their needs. We’re dedicated to helping you find your perfect solution.